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Alexander is a First-Generation Cuban-American born and raised in Miami, Florida -- a city deeply saturated to the roots of it's daily culture in art and music. From a young age, he has always been drawn with a strong vocation to this magnificent profession that has seemed to underscore the everyday ebb and flow of the community. Throughout his life, he's been shaped by this unmistakable  surge of art flowing through the veins of this city. Following suit with his natural talents, and his endless determination to grow, he's attended many unique performing arts academies and conservatories. 

as of 2013, Alexander has  professionally worked as an artist throughout South Florida, New York, and California.  Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, he was amidst a world  tour onboard Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas as a Featured Singer. Today, he continues to invest his time in the South Florida Community and local arts, as he seeks to  expand on the celebration of diversity and  instilment of equal opportunity, equity, and justice within this world.  Accomplishing this through the gifts of his voice and his ability to inspire all people of this world, continuing his mission in establishing a deeper meaning and understanding of the arts and the endless benefits they provide us as a society.

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